754 Additional Gale Titles are now Accessible in Reference Universe
23 January 2015 by Paratext Editorial

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Paratext is pleased to announce that 754 Gale Virtual Reference LibraryTM  titles, totalling 2.6 Million new article and index-level links, have been added to Reference Universe. This includes new titles and new editions to existing Major Reference Works, bringing the total participation in Reference Universe to 2335 GVRL titles.

Reference Universe has been designed to bring the best tertiary sources to the forefront, and GVRL,  is the most heavily used e-book platform in Reference Universe. Here is a sample of titles from the recent addition:

About Gale Virtual Reference Library

GVRL is part of Cengage Learning, and  a digital cross-curricular resource that supports information literacy and the development of 21st century skills and reinforcing the critical difference between authoritative resource and consumer-published content on the web.

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