Usage and DiscoveryReference Universe

Below are ways in which library practitioners have successfully implemented Reference Universe: 1975-2018 and maximized the value of the resource.

Who is Reference Universe for?


  • Reliable introductions prior to journal research
  • Browse (See Similar Titles) to expand research to unexpected sources
  • View research topic from multiple vantage points


  • Directs scholars looking to familiarize themselves with topics outside their discipline
  • Expands syllabi to deeper analysis
  • Assist Graduate Advisors in thesis topic identification

Public Services/Administration

  • Point your student in the right direction
  • Refine major reference collection based on current disciplinary needs
  • Use Collection Analysis tool to weed, relocate, or add to your collection

Example LibGuide Descriptions


“This is an excellent, scholarly alternative to Wikipedia. It allows you to search back-of-the book indexes and article titles in thousands of reference books owned by Camden-Carroll Library. If it is an e-book you can access it. If it is a print book you can find its call number and then the volume and page numbers for your topic.”


“Reference Universe is an online tool that let's you search across our print and online reference sources for your topic. You can search for books, book chapters, or encyclopedia entries using Reference Universe. You will be linked to our local holdings for any entries you find. If you aren't sure which reference resource to use, I highly recommend trying a search with this database.”

How To Increase Awareness To Your Students

API and Federated Search

Paratext offers both an SRU-based API, for deployment within Federated Search Systems, as well as a MARC-based API. This works with our authentication system to allow libraries to pull 24 millions of historical citations into your larger discovery platforms.

SSL and ADA Compliant

Paratext resources comply by all SSL and ADA requirements.

The Encyclopedia Widget

The Reference Universe widget allows you to put your reference collection anywhere on your site. It links effortlessly to our database, and launches our proprietary interface. Find the code here.

EZ Proxy

All Paratext resources can be used alongside your institution EZ Proxy set-up. Look for the proper stanza set-up here.

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