Reference Universe Soon Also Accessible via EBSCO Discovery Service
14 September 2017 by Paratext Editorial

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Paratext has reached an agreement to integrate Reference Universe: 1975-2018 metadata into EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS).

This means your patrons will soon be able to fully explore the contents of your major reference collection in detail via EDS — while practitioners, instruction librarians, and advanced users also retain access to the native Reference Universe interface.

Based on recent surveys of our customers, this was the single most-desired enhancement, and offers librarians and patrons the best of both worlds. 

According to Eric M. Calaluca, CEO of Paratext,

“Library discovery services have advanced significantly since their appearance in 2009. However, what has been lacking is access to detailed information on what is the most expensive—and to library practitioners arguably the most useful—collection of specialized introductory works.

Although Web users know Wikipedia, it’s been the province of research librarians to know and use specialized encyclopedias. This linking means this data is now open not just to specialists, but to all library users accessing the service through EBSCO Discovery Service.”

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