Modifications to Reference Universe for Web and Public Service Administrators
04 February 2016 by Paratext Editorial

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Paratext has launched a newly designed interface for Reference Universe. Along with the redesign, two new enhancements have been deployed:

Program Changes 

* See Nearby Titles is now a programmed feature accessible at nearly all areas of the search architecture. This feature allows researchers to "Walk the Shelves" of both legacy print content and E-Reference titles, so other relevant content not necessarily returned in their specific search is revealed.

* A new Hot Key function allows for rapid exploration of detailed back-of-the-book indexes at the main view. In some cases, these indexes are volume sized, so this dramatically accelerates finding relevant data.

Additionally, other changes have been made that will require slight modifications to your access methods.

Changes to Access and new base URL

* For Students or Patrons, we recommend using the main page

* For Library Practitioners, who may wish to forgo main entry, the Simple/Advanced page is found at


Please contact us through this portal for any changes to your library's OpenURL resolver; changes to your local OPAC; Adding/Deleting IP addresses or any technical issue we can assist with.

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