Weekly Trivia from Paratext - Week 1, May 5th
04 May 2020 by Paratext Editorial

United States Masterfile


It’s been a hard couple of months for everyone. As most academic calendars are winding down, we thought a bit of light trivia fun might help all relax a bit after this very difficult semester.

Every Tuesday morning in May we will post a couple of trivia questions on our blog and Twitter to test your searching prowess.

Each trivia question will refer to a single source found in U.S. Documents Masterfile.


This week's questions:

1. "He wanted to be in the room where it happens."

    Find out who "he" was, and find a description of what he looked like when he was in the room.

2. Family gardens were a crucial part of the American citizenry in the 1940s.

    But teenagers will always be teenagers no matter the time.

    Find an illustration showing this.


The rules to the game are simple:

  • Include the Paratext product and citation when answering the question.
  • Tweet @Paratexting with the answer by the following Sunday evening.


The winner will be announced on the following Monday.

Trivia questions will be posted here on our blog and on twitter @Paratexting.


Get ready, set... search!

(Apologies to the Great British Baking Show.)

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