Weekly Trivia from Paratext - Week 3, May 19th
19 May 2020 by Paratext Editorial

United States Masterfile


Time for Trivia Tuesdays, round 3!

Every Tuesday morning in May we're posting a couple of trivia questions on our blog and Twitter to test your searching prowess.

Each question will refer to a single source or set of sources found in U.S. Documents Masterfile.


This week's questions:

1. Using government documents, how can you easily create a list of the major holidays celebrated by the Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu faiths?

2. As of today (May 19th), find the most recent piece of legislation introduced on Covid 19.


The rules to the game are simple:

  • Include the Paratext product and citation when answering the question.
  • Tweet @Paratexting with the answer by the following Sunday evening.


The answers and winners will be announced next Monday.

Trivia questions will be posted here on our blog and on twitter @Paratexting.


Get ready, set... search!

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