Now Available to Search in Eight Centuries: Metropolitan Museum of Art
01 February 2023 by Paratext Editorial

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Another recent addition to Eight Centuries is now ready to search by your patrons: records of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Open Access Collection.

Founded in 1870 in New York City, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the largest art museums in the world with a collection stretching over 5,000 years of world art history. The Met OA collection searchable in Eight Centuries comprises over 200 thousand records, containing links to catalog entries, as well as image links where available.

Within the Met OA collection, find mosaic fragments from the ancient world, sixteenth and seventeenth century folio illustrations of scenes from the Ramayana, the iconic early twentieth century photography of Alfred Stieglitz, and much more.


Users of Eight Centuries can access entries from the Metropolitan Museum of Art Open Access Collection. Check your institution’s database subscriptions to find if you have access to Eight Centuries, or sign up for a free trial at

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