150 Years Later: Researching the Civil War in 19th Century Masterfile
12 April 2011 by Paratext Editorial

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On the 150th Anniversary of the commencement of the United States Civil War, we are reminded of the great value of primary sources in helping us better understand the experiences of those that came before us.

New research and analysis is emerging all the time to provide new perspective on the events and players in the war.  It is our goal to ensure that you and your patrons can find the most valuable documents available for offering insight into the experiences of early Americans.

19th Century Masterfile is the most comprehensive resource for the discovery of 19th-century primary sources.

To help give you a sense of the sort of information available in 19th Century Masterfile, we’ve collected some examples of relevant citations we’ve found:


  • Woman’s work in the civil war: a record of heroism, patriotism and patience, 1867
  • The pictorial battles of the civil war, 1885
  • Employment of Indians and negroes in the military service of the so-called southern confederacy, 1861
  • The Civil War in song and story: 1860-1865, 1889
  • The Rebellion record; a diary of American events, with documents, narratives, illustrative incidents, poetry, etc., 1861
  • Civil War correspondence [microform], 1862-1865
  • Beginning of the End; Gulf States Deserting Confederacy, 1865
  • Character of Abraham Lincoln: and the constitutionality of his emancipation policy, 1863
  • The Pope and the Confederacy, 1865

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